Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue

Annie Sloan has several Blue options and all of them are beautiful. I did a post a while back and I featured a chair painted in Aubusson Blue and then white waxed Annie Sloan White Wax Finish. I think this blue is so pretty so I wanted to use it again. With the popular jewel tone colors showing up in home decor I think this color fits the bill.

It couples beautifully with whites and grays and adds a bit of sophisticated color to a room.

I bought theses tables from a neighbor and they were in good shape but had a few blemishes.

If you want a new look to a piece of furniture or have a piece that is worn or scratched, painting it is a great way to fix it and feel like you have a brand new piece of furniture. For these tables I pulled out the paint sprayer and gave them a few coats of paint. Thanks to the spring like weather we’ve been enjoying I’ve been able to work out in the garage a little more. The paint sprayer works better when it’s not freezing temperatures, as do my fingers! 😉

I use the HomeRight Finish Max sprayer and it works great with Chalk Paint. I will do a post soon on using a paint sprayer. It’s a game changer! I usually go around and touch up the paint with a brush to cover any places I missed and once it’s dry it’s time for sanding. I like to take a piece of sandpaper across all the lines and edges of the table to give it more texture and depth. I distressed a few areas of the legs but I didn’t do a heavy distressing. Then a coat of clear wax and these tables were done!

Do you just love this beautiful blue color? 😍 And again those legs. It’s brand new again!! Tell me what you think. Leave a comment cuz I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for taking a look. I appreciate it!

Cindy 😊


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