Estates Sale Saturday Find

I dragged my hubby out on a Saturday morning and made him go to an Estate Sale. We ended up at the cutest house in the cutest older neighborhood in Salt Lake. (I’m ready to move. I’m already working on my husband 😉) It was the 3rd day of this Estate Sale so I am certain I missed out on seeing some amazing pieces of furniture and knick knacks. But the house itself was worth the drive. Stained glass windows and rounded doors. Seriously they don’t make em like they use to. I ❤️ old homes. LOVE THEM!!

Anyhoo I did find a couple of fun pieces.

This darling little drop leaf table on casters and chair where still there and waiting for me to take them home. Because it was day 3 I got them at a good price.

More Estate and Yard Sale shopping is in my future. Are you an estate/yard/garage sale shopper? What’s your favorite find? I would love to hear your tips and tricks to finding good deals so please leave a comment.

And thanks for stopping by! 😃



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