Sofa table refinished with Annie Sloan Old White

I love any piece of furniture that has claw feet. I found a beautiful claw foot sofa table and put it behind my couch. I wasn’t sure I would keep it but it sat there for a while before I painted it. I was hoping to refinish the top but was afraid if I starts sanding it down I would go right through the wood inlay and get to particle board. I could see the particle board under the table. But I figured it was worth a try and started hand sanding a small area. The stain came off and I wasn’t going through the inlay.


But the wood was really hard and hand sanding wasn’t going to do the trick so I got out the electric hand sander. I was still worried so I started with a fine sandpaper and wasn’t getting through. I went with a course sandpaper and was able to get the stain and clear coat off and expose the amazing wood inlay. This actually took a while because the wood was so hard.  I used a wood conditioner before staining it to get a more even coverage and then used Minwax Early American stain. I sealed it with several coats of Minwax oil based clear coat.


I was so excited that it turned out so beautifuly. The wood inlay is truely amazing and I’m so glad I didn’t have to paint over this. I did paint the legs of this table. I wasn’t going to try to sand all small detailed areas. I painted it Annie Sloan Old White with minimal distressing and a coat of clear wax.


She’s a beauty. Love the curves and the detail on the legs! And the contrast of the stained wood and white paint.

I love this table but I didn’t feel like it fit with the look I was going for in my family room/kitchen. So this lovely table is for sale in my booth. And here’s the table I replaced it with.


I wanted something with a little more of a farmhouse look that matched the kitchen table I recently finished. I will do a post about that later. (I’m in love with my refinished kitchen table) This cute rustic table was made and stained by someone else. I found it on a Facebook yard sale site. A cute talented couple makes them and I love it.

Simple but pretty and with 2 levels I had fun decorating it!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of both Sofa Tables. I would love to hear from you.

As always thanks for taking a look!



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