Kaitlyn’s Bedroom

I’ve been working on my daughter Kaitlyn’s bedroom for several months now. Painting furniture and walls and changing her bedding and window treatments. Here is a before picture of her room:

We were already starting to take things off the walls before I remembered to take the before picture. I do that a lot! 😛

As we were preparing to change up her room Kaitlyn helped by picking colors she liked for her furniture and her walls as well as her bedspread. We did a lot of searching and pinning on Pinterest and it’s finally come together.


Oh yes! I taped all those stripes! Definitely extra work but look how cute!! Completely worth the extra time and effort!

Kaitlyn really liked the blue, white, grey and yellow and I love how they all come together to make a fun room for a teenage girl! Fortunately after all the work I put in she loves it!!


I will post about her bedroom furniture and painting that striped wall soon and show before and after pictures. This was a boys bedroom set but with a little Louis Blue and Old White and a few changes to the hardware it’s now perfect for a girl!

This project took some time but I love how this turned out! Tell me what you think in the comments section. I would love to hear from you! 😉




  1. Love this! You are amazing at what you do. So creative. Re-finishing furniture is hard. I’ve been working here & there on two dressers, a hutch and my kitchen table for a year. I’ve sanded, stained, re-sanded. Grrr.
    What I love best about Kaitlyn’s room is the one yellow accent stripe. So fun and easy to change if she ever wants new bedding. Her room looks so neat & organized. Great job and pictures!

    1. Well I would love to say it always looks neat and organized but we can just pretend it always looks this way! 😉 I Pinterest way too much so I got the idea for the stripes there. And I hear ya on the sanding and re-sanding. I try not to sand and that’s why I Chalk Paint. So much easier! 🙂 I would love to see your furniture make overs! You will have to send me pictures. 🙂

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