Easy Christmas Garland for your Staircase

When we moved into this house one of my favorite area’s of the home was our entryway. I love a grand staircase in the entryway of a home. My staircase isn’t grand but I love it. If you’ve read my blog before you may remember reading my post Painting and staining our stair railing  from about a year ago. It was a big job but made a huge difference in the look of our entryway. I’ve decorated our staircase at Christmas time for the past few years but this year I decided to change it.

Everyone loves a staircase decorated with beautiful lighted garland. What I don’t love is the price of the beautiful lighted garland. So instead of buying the ready made decorated and lighted garland I set out to make my own.

I discovered these cute little battery operated copper wire fairy lights on Amazon and bought a few. They immediately went up in a several places in my home, and then I purchased more. They come in a 6 pack on Amazon for $10 and the batteries are included. For small lights they are nice and  bright. Here’s a link to the ones I used if you are interested in buying them. (If you don’t see the link below, click on post header to open this post)


I found some inexpensive artificial Christmas garland at Hobby Lobby for $9.99, but they sell all holiday items for 50% off so each strand was only $5. I used 3 1/2 of those for my staircase. I also bought burlap and small gold and white Christmas bulbs at Hobby Lobby. I already had jute cord and that was all I needed.

I had to cut the garland for the short railing. The artificial garland has wire loops on each end so they string together for longer area’s. It’s wire throughout so you can shape it how you want it to hang on the stair railing.  Then I used the jute cord to tie the garland on.

I tied big bows because I wanted this to have a bit of a farmhouse look to it, and the big floppy bow and long curly strands add to that look. Once that was on I used the burlap to make simple large bows. I used the 5.5 inch wide size for the bows and tied them to the posts.

I wound the lights into the garland and hid the small white battery pack on the inside of the garland so it couldn’t be seen, but was easily accessible . Lastly I hung small ornaments all along the garland.

I did this on the stair railing going up stairs and along the railing across the upstairs hallway.

I used the burlap and gold and white ornaments so the decorations on the staircase would coordinate with the decorations on my Christmas tree.

In all I spend around $50 for the garland and decorations for my staircase. Not too bad!

It’s the first thing people see when they come to visit and I am really happy with it. It took a little time to get it up, but it was very easy and the price was right!

You could change up the burlap for ribbon and use a different color cord or ribbon to attach the artificial garland to the stair railing to get a different look.

If you found this helpful I would love to hear from you. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.

Happy Holiday’s!




  1. Thank you! I bought the cabinet at Hobby Lobby and I LOVE it! Thanks for checking out my post! Love your stuff too! Nice to make contact with someone who shares my passion and taste in furniture 😉

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