DIY Snow Globe

Today I’m going to show you how I used a yogurt jar to make handmade snow globes. A few months back I spotted the Oui by Yoplait Yogurt at the store and decided to try it out. (It’s yummy by the way.) But I kinda bought it for the jar. 😉 They are so tiny and cute!! I saved several jars and decided to use them to make waterless snow globes. I took the label off, washed them and used Goof Off to clean them up.

I bought a few small wood slices, a little bit wider than the jar to use for the base, and some snowflakes at Hobby Lobby. I also bought a small package of Christmas buttons for crafting. I positioned the buttons where I wanted them and used a hot glue gun to glue them to the wood slices. I added just a little bit of the snow flakes to the inside of the jar and then put a ring of hot glue around the open edge of the jar and carefully set the wood slice on the jar. I turned it over once the glue was set and had myself a little waterless snow globe.

That was kind of my tester and I did the rest of them a little different. I really like the cute bottle brush trees so I ordered some of those on line. Then while out shopping I came upon some really cute wood trees and bought those.

I needed the bottle brush trees to be shorter so I took the gold base off the bottom and used wire cutters to cut the tree down. I trimmed the “branches” from the bottom so there was enough wire sticking out to place it back on the base. I then used a small amount of hot glue to secure it back into the same hole.

I made a few of these using both the bottle brush trees as well as the wood trees and glued them to the wood slice. Make sure it will fit into the jar you are using before you glue them down to the base. I again only used a small amount of snow to just cover the bottom of the globe. You want to be able to see the tree’s and not cover them.

After I glued it to the base I used a little Buffalo Plaid Ribbon that I also found at Hobby Lobby and glued that around the base of the jar.

I wanted some variety so I decided to change it up a little and turn the jar right side up and add some fabric to the top of the snow globe to give it an old fashion jelly jar look. I glued the tree’s to the bottom of the jar this time, added the snow and then used a round piece of fabric on the top. I pre-measured and cut the fabric so it would fit the way I wanted it to.

I once again put a ring of glue along the top ridge of the jar and set the fabric in place. Then I added more glue to keep the edges of the fabric down. To finish it off I used the Buffalo Plaid Ribbon around the top of the jar and tied it in a bow on the back.

This is a fun and easy Christmas craft you can do with your kids. These would make great teacher gifts or neighbor gifts as well. You can be creative and use different items to create the scene you want in your snow globe. It was quick, easy and inexpensive. The Yoplait jars worked great but baby food jars or larger canning jars would work as well.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by to take a look. And if you are interested, please sign up for my emails to see more posts like this one.



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