December 2015

Moving day!

I love painting furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. You probably noticed! 😉 So when an opportunity came around to place some of my ASCP painted pieces in a consignment shop I jumped at the chance to be a part of it. For the last few months I have been hording furniture in my home and garage (to my families frustration) and painting whenever I get the chance. The store I will be selling some of my upcycled furniture from is called Drab 2 Fab Paint, Furniture & Decor and is opening in January in a brand new location in Lehi, Utah! This is the store I buy all my paint from so I am really excited to be a part of the new Warehouse location.

And today was MOVING DAY!! Yay!


There it is – my horde (okay that’s only a small part of it :P) . And today I finally got to move it to the warehouse. Woohoo! It was an exciting day and I am looking forward to opening day next week. I will tell you more about it over the next 2 weeks. This is a new experience for me so I am learning as I go. I am still coming up with idea’s on staging my area of the warehouse. Any advice is encouraged and welcome so leave me comments and I will be very grateful! 🙂 And wish me luck on my new adventure!

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Cindy 🙂

Annie Sloan Antibes Green

It’s Christmas time and there is red and green everywhere! Annie Sloan has a green paint that is perfect for the season. Really for any season. It’s called Antibes Green and it is lovely. I recently painted 2 tables in Antibes Green and they both turned out beautiful. In today’s post I wanted to show you how you can use the same color paint but by using different techniques with dark wax, get a different look.


I found this lovely little table at a local thrift shop for $10.

It’s been beat up a little over the years. I think it was a telephone table back in it’s glory days. And although small, it has a ton of character and I knew a little paint would bring this table back to life. So after a little sanding and wood putty i decided on Antibes Green and Old white. I painted the legs and side panels white. I had to do a little shellacking to keep the stain from coming through and then I taped off so I could paint the green.


Not gonna lie, I hate taping. It always takes forever and with all the grooves on these legs it took even longer. I started taking the tape off before I took the picture or you would have seen all the tiny pieces of tape I had to put around the lets. But once it was done I was happy I did. Then I distressed it and put a coat of clear wax on. You can see the difference the clear wax makes here.


I love how smooth the paint is once the clear wax it on. Yet another reason I LOVE ASCP!! With this piece I wanted to add a little bit of an aging effect with the dark wax but not enough to change the colors. Here is the end result!

I love the white and green together. Wish I had an old rotary phone to put on it! 🙂

So now to the sofa table. Again this table has a ton of character. I love pieces like this because it give so many options when painting. The top of the table had a few holes that needed to be filled. (Not sure what was there before.) And there where also places that had been glued. You can see the glue in between the wood slats. So another table that has seen better days, but nothing a little ASCP won’t fix right! 😉


I started by painting the whole table in AS Graphite. Then I painted the table Antibes Green being careful to leave the Graphite showing in all the many cracks and crevices. I wet distressed this in some areas instead of using sand paper so just the black would show through. In other places I sanded it down to the wood. I added a coat of clear wax and then I went to town on this piece with the dark wax. It darkens up the green and adds lots of dimension to this table. This piece is going to be sold but I may cry a little on that day because I absolutely love the way this turned out.

So as you can see AS dark wax gives you loads of options when you are finishing you furniture projects. I will keep trying out different techniques and will continue to share them with you. Let me know what you think of my green tables. Hope you love them as much as I do!!


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Old barn ladder

I’m not an interior decorator but I do want my home to be beautiful. I love finding new and interesting things to add to my home to make it mine. I’ve always loved old things. Vintage, antique, shabby chic! But I wouldn’t say that describes my decor. I usually go with whatever I like and make it work. But if my hubby would let me I would live in a 100 year old house with tons of character and a wrap around porch. I would have a pink and blue, shabby chic to the hilt bedroom and a vintage farm kitchen. Of course I would also need a big red barn in the back yard…….ya non of this is happening! 😉 haha I’ve tried to talk him into it but he just rolls his eyes and reminds me how much work would go into an old home. And because he is the handy one around the house and would be doing all the repairs, I can understand where he’s coming from.

I am not complaining because I actually love my home. But it never hurts to dream a little right!?!

Lately I have been stalking the Facebook Yard Sale sights looking for fun things to paint. This week I came across something amazing and I was lucky enough to be the first one to see it. So I bought it! Wanna see it! 😉


So maybe I can’t have the big red barn in the back yard but I can have the barn ladder in my dining room!! I fell in love with this the second I saw it. And it is perfect the way it is. I don’t know how old it is but the lady I bought it from said it came from an old barn in Idaho. It was built with whatever wood was laying around, the nails are old and rusty and some are sticking out of the wood and it’s aged to perfection! I cannot tell you how much I love this!


I have only had this for a few days but every time I see it I smile! I think home should be filled with your favorite people and things that make you happy. You don’t have to be an expert to make your home beautiful to you.




Tell me what you think of the ladder and I would love to hear what some of your favorite finds are in your home.

Thanks for taking a look!