October 2015

Rose back chair restyled


Annie Sloan Chalk paint has become a bit of an obsession for me so now I’m calling it my hobby! 😉 And my new obsession hobby is now becoming a business venture of sorts. Rather than paint everything in my house with chalk paint I have decided to find fun pieces to paint and sell them. This is one of those fun pieces. Problem is I don’t really want to sell this one. I absolutely love the way it turned out. I went looking for another chair to paint because I loved how the other one turned out and still had some of this amazing fabric. I found this on line and knew it would be perfect. I love the rose and really wanted it to stand out. The chair was in great condition as far as structure but the seat was a bit torn up and the finish was wearing in some area’s. Here she is before:


First thing to do was remove the seat and the torn up cover. The padding inside was still in good shape despite the wear on the fabric. You can see what it looked like after I took it apart.

IMG_3366  IMG_3367

I used the old fabric as a template to cut out the new piece that would go on the chair. I also added a layer of batting to make the seat smooth and even.

IMG_3369 IMG_3368 IMG_3370

And then I stapled it on making sure to create the same fold on each corner. Then it was time to paint it. I wanted this chair to look a bit different the other one so I went with Old White. I wanted to flower to stand out so I first painted the entire chair with Emperor’s Silk. Then I painted the Old White over that. When I painted the rose I carefully painted over the flower making sure I didn’t get any of the Old White in the details. That way the red was left to accent the white.


After I painted 2 coats of Old White I went back and wet distressed the Old White so that hints of the red would show through. I didn’t go through the red to show any of the wood.

IMG_3372 IMG_3386

I love how it turned out and will be sad to see it go. I am looking forward to finding more fun pieces that I can use this technique on.



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Chair makeover with ASCP Emperor’s silk

Chairs may be my new favorite thing to paint. I came across a listing on line for an old chair selling for $10. It was listed with another item that I was interested in buying but when I inquired about both of them the seller said she had already sold the other item but the chair was still available. I wasn’t sure I wanted it and told her I would contact her the next day. Well the next afternoon she contacted me and asked if I was still interested and I figured why not. For $10 I may as well pick it up and try it out. It was probably a beauty in it’s day but it wasn’t looking so good now.IMG_3322


The chair has great lines but looks like someone left it out in the weather.



I called it the “hairy” chair because it looks like whiskers are coming out of the wood. I could also rub some of what was left of the stain of with my finger. I didn’t want to sit on it because who knows how much of the chair was going to walk away with me on my clothes. 🙂

Normally with chalk paint there is no sanding needed but this chair needed sanding. There was a bit of dust on the floor after that but once I sanded the “hair” and old stain off it was a nice sturdy chair. I did have to do some gluing because a few places were warped (i’m sure from being outside in the elements).


You can see the wood pulling apart.


A little wood glue and clamps did the trick.

Next it was time to take the seat off. Under the seat the original tag was still stapled to the bottom. This was nice because I was able to look on line and do a little research on the chair. From what I can tell this chair is from the early 1960’s.


You can see the tag and the company name along with the registry #. It’s nice to have this info and fun to find out a little about this old chair. It was even more fun when I took the vinyl cover off to find the original fabric on the seat. Sixties green velvet! Unfortunately along with the green velvet was some green mold! eek!! Someone definitely left this outside to get wet. And the vinyl covering didn’t give much protection.


I’m sure in it’s day this green velvet was gorgeous! But the mold sent this to the garbage can immediately. Then I cleaned the wood to get rid of the mold. I also had to glue the wood because it was also warped and splitting.  I didn’t keep any of he original padding because it was looking pretty worn out and a little of it was touching the moldy material. Better to just start fresh. I bought new padding (foam padding I found at walmart for $6 that is made for chairs) and cut it to size. This was a bit of a chore because for some reason I thought a 2 inch foam piece was the way to go. Wrong! It was huge so I cut it in half to make it about 1 inch thick (maybe a little more) and then cut the top so that it was curved and not square on the edges. Then to make it a little more smooth and even I added a little batting. Once all the repair work was done I could staple the fabric to the seat and start painting. I pictured this chair red and ASCP Emperor’s silk is AMAZING! Now I needed fabric to go with it. I found the cutest fabric at Hobby Lobby (LOVE Hobby Lobby)!! So with my discount I got a yard of it for around $25. I only used 1/2 of the material so later I will show you the 2nd chair I painted!! (spoiler alert: it is even more fun than this chair)

2 coats of Emperor’s silk paint and a coat of clear wax and this chair was done!

IMG_3334 IMG_3335


Hello beautiful!! Such a fun accent piece!

So this is my “almost didn’t happen” chair project! So glad the cute lady who sold this to me was persistent! Seriously… chairs maybe my all time favorite things to paint! In my next post I will show you the second chair I painted.


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